Zanzibar is a group of coral islands located near Easter coast of Africa, washed by the Indian Ocean. The biggest island of this archipelago, Zanzibar, is known for its fairy-tale and pristine tropical life atmosphere and high hospitality standards. The North and West of Zanzibar are endless beaches, where turquoise water crosses the boundaries of imagination. South-eastern areas are real paradise for surfers.

The island is not yet popular among tourists, and you will enjoy individual excursions and activities, such as visiting spice plantations, walking between lianas and ferns in the wild jungles, meeting large Galapagos turtles and even a catching swordfish during deep-water fishing!

Over centuries Zanzibar has been a melting pot of different cultures and religions, which shaped the unique culture of the islanders. Women in varicolored hijabs are bustling on the market; men are smiling from joineries and huts, while kids are frolicking in the salty ocean waves. Our team invites you to feel the unique atmosphere of this secluded region, hidden between coral reefs, snow-white sand and rich cultural heritage.